In an earlier blog, we saw that differences between the sexes are cultural creations and we need to adapt this as we are living in the 21st century. But how to start this, we can start from our society and society start with family and family members so families are factories that produce human personalities and character.

To promote gender equality for social betterment and to grow the economy we have to start from families. Father and mother play a role in children mind like children learn their sex roles by identification with their same-sex parent. These roles are internalized so that girls become “feminine” women and boys become appropriately “masculine” men, ready to take their place in heterosexual family life.so, in much the same ways as a factory produce goods, each stable family unit produces grounded individuals who are groomed to contribute positively to society. As we can see in 21st-century males and females both work equal hours so we can also promote to do work at home equally, it can create some impression in children's subconscious mind and reflect in society through action in the next generation.

seek to create a better and safe environment for women by educating them. I am more intuned to current affairs which can help to grow our country